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Health and Wellness entrepreneur, University Professor, Radio host, International speaker. I'm passionate about bringing tangible health results to the masses.  

The WAHL Show Podcast

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Accessible and relatable info about our health and wellness should be available at no cost. 


That's why I launched the Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle show – available on all streaming platforms.


Click into a podcast that features experts from home and around the world. Tune into The WAHL show

Check Out Our 
YouTube Channel for MUN MED

As part of our community outreach at Memorial University the team in clinical anatomy has developed a series of educational videos for anatomy lovers around the world. 

 A little bit 


Alberta H&S Conference

Edmonton, Alberta

"So much to take away from this!

So interesting to hear the we need to be focusing on the health of our workforce just as much as their safety."

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