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The Journey to Health

In this talk Mike unveils a captivating global exploration into diverse health practices. From his foundation in Western-trained medicine, Mike's odysseys around the world including New Zealand, Japan, India, Bhutan, and many other nations have profoundly expanded his understanding of holistic health. Individuals will be emboldened to re-evaluate their personal health paradigms, while corporations will unearth insights to enhance their wellness initiatives. Attendees are promised not just engaging tales from exotic locales but also a rejuvenated, encompassing perspective on achieving health. Join Mike, traverse the vast landscape of global wellness, and chart your own course to holistic well-being.

The Continuum of Health

In this enlightening talk, Mike Wahl delves into the complex nature of health, challenging the binary perception of being "sick" or "healthy." Drawing from real world experiences, Mike highlights the importance of recognizing health as a continuum, likening it to a thermometer's ever-changing readings. He emphasizes the critical role of health literacy, urging individuals to actively understand and manage their health. By offering actionable insights and advocating for proactive measures, Mike underscores the power of informed, small changes in determining our health trajectory. This talk is a call to reevaluate and redefine our relationship with wellness.

Putting Health into Health and Safety

In today's work landscape, we grapple with multifaceted challenges affecting our workers' health and well-being. These challenges encompass the isolated nature of our work settings, the rigors of shift work, prevalent mental health issues, fatigue, and increasing obesity rates – often rooted in sedentary jobs, aging workforce demographics, and poor lifestyle choices. Such factors can potentially heighten a worker's vulnerability to long-term disability, injuries, or workplace incidents. This presentation will spotlight specific case studies and groundbreaking doctoral research from the heavy industry sector. Dr. Wahl elucidates how lifestyle interventions, proactive injury prevention education, and assessments of worker physical capacity can effectively mitigate risks of illness and injury, thereby safeguarding organizational financial and operational health.

Health Explored Series

With a diverse background encompassing the fields of health, media and entrepreneurship and having traversed nearly 50 countries, Dr. Wahl’s insatiable curiosity has provided him with a deep understanding of diverse cultures and health practices from around the world. This wealth of global experiences form the foundation of these wellness seminars on topics ranging from Mindfulness to happiness, mental health, longevity and planetary health.

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