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Putting Health into Health and Safety

Today we face complex challenges that impact the health and well-being of our workers. These factors include the remote nature of our working environments, shift work, fatigue, mental health challenges, and rising rates of obesity – stemming from poor lifestyle, shifts in the age demographics of workforces, and a rise in automation leading to sedentary jobs. These factors may predispose workers to becoming susceptible to long-term disability, injury, or incident. This presentation highlights case studies and novel doctoral scientific research from heavy industry. Dr. Wahl will illustrate the role of lifestyle intervention, injury prevention education, and worker physical capacity assessments as an effective means of reducing the risk of illness and injury and their associated costs to organizations both financially and operationally.

Psychological Health and Safety

The likelihood of workplace physical injury has been reduced by over half in the last decade, yet the incident of mental health disorder or psychological injury impacts nearly 80% of the population. Presented with an inclusive approach, this presentation tackles this difficult workplace with consideration for those struggling with mental heath conditions while informing those who are susceptible to or impacted by their peer’s psychological health challenges.

Personal Health Continuum

We need to create space for understanding and managing the continuum that exists between being healthy and sick. Too often we categorize ourselves as either healthy or sick, however the absence of sickness does not necessarily constitute health. This broad definition of ‘healthy’ is time specific and could include those that aren’t sick yet or will likely be without change, as well as those that are simply undiagnosed. Our perception of ‘healthy’ is often influenced by popular media which promotes obsessive behavior around exercise, restrictive nutrition and constant self-development. These generalized approaches often fail to capture the personal nature of wellbeing and the overall balance of physical, emotional and mental health required to live our best life. 

Deconstructing Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most misunderstood areas of health. Fad diets, pseudo-science and health myths increase the confusion individuals face when hoping to make positive steps to improving their health through nutrition. Dr. Wahl will guide the audience through the importance of healthy eating while using real work analogies to simplify the complex topic. He will demystify nutrition by translating facts to create awareness and clarity which will arm individuals with the tools they need to make the right decisions around food - based on their individual circumstances and health goals. This empowering experience will leave those in attendance with the know how to sort through the world of healthy eating and create a shift in their lifestyle which incorporates better choices around food and confidence that they understand nutrition.


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